About Us

Alysia & Manwel…we started dating at a very young age and discovered our passion for weddings when we lived through the experience ourselves. “Having done the whole planning thing for our wedding, I got another confirmation of my flair for organising. I remember looking around during our wedding reception and feeling amazed to how I had managed to change all the venue setting compared to other weddings I had been to before” – Alysia.

Since then we have never looked back and it is our commitment and inspiration to do what we like doing that makes us who we are. We are into giving other couples the opportunity to experience the magical spark of a marriage celebration through our dedication and perfection. But above all, we make sure to offer our clients a service that is nothing short of excellence and satisfaction as well as guaranteeing them a day that is truly an everlasting memory!

Our logo spells our names for short and the endless knot on top of it symbolizes union and harmony. The knot seemingly has no beginning and no end and will simply act as a reminder of the underlying unification between two individuals. The knot can also be viewed as a representation of perfect harmony. If a couple works together in flawless cooperation, as the lines in the endless knot do, then a perfect reality truly exists.

In fact, this is what we are all about – fun, love and eternal relationships